Ar. Nitin Bhardwaj

MSU Vadodara, batch of 1990. IIID Certified Architect based in Vadodara, Gujarat.

About the firm

Nitin Bhardwaj Architects and Interior designer founded by Architect Nitin Bhardwaj is a studio based in Vadodara since 1994. The design firm guided by Ar. Nitin Bhardwaj aims to explore architecture beyond the set boundaries. With the key aim to deliver designs engulfed with simplicity and meaning parallel to the intangibles within humane conscience sets the foundation. NBA is a multi-disciplinary design practice with expertise in architecture and interior design. With an exceptional portfolio of works ranging from institutional design, commercial showrooms, residential bungalow and planning projects, NBA strives to explore multiple possibilities, design development/concepts and model studies.

The firm's approach to design is, "to design without any restrain by encouraging innovative ideas that generate curiosity, defy the notions of any 'isms' of architecture, instead strive to deliver a design that is relevant to the context".

Why Us?

NBA believes in designing considering a range of parameters that considers both the tangible and intangibles. We aim to deliver the best results that are timeless and unique in various skin of design formats. Considering the tight markets and the robustly growing world, time is the key priority for us. As we aim to develop and built exceptional designs even in the utmost narrowed time window. The completion of projects and each step guided supervision makes us extremely client-friendly. We believe in nurturing the projects from scratch to fruition as per the client’s dreams into reality. Along with the set principles and ideologies, we make sure that the design comes to light.


Our team has been prime for the development of the company's success. With exceptional trust to achieve the goal and building at extraordinary heights, reaching infinite limits through sheer passion and dedication. NBA has always been welcoming to our little habitat with warm hands. We aim to help mould a budding mind into a sound professional through our association. We welcome one and all to join our team.
For career-related queries, please visit our Contact page OR send an email to: nitinb9@gmail.com